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Digital Writing Board, Tablet-Style Art Display Pad with Stylus Pen

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  • Go Green and Save Paper!
    • Super Thin 9'' LCD Digital Tablet-Styled Writing Display
    • Fun for All Ages: at Home, the Office or the Classroom
    • No Mess: Writing Board Clears with the Press of a Button
    • Pressure Sensitive Display for Precise Drawing
    • Lock Screen Ability to Save On-Screen Messages
    • Built-in Magnet for Showcasing 'Fridge Art'
    • Includes Convenient Slide-Out Stylus Pen
    • Can be Used with Other Stylus Pens
    • Lightweight, Compact & Convenient

      Tech Specs:
    • Battery Powered: Requires 1 Button Cell (CR2032) Battery,Included
    • Battery Life Lasts up to 12 Months
    • Screen Size (L x W): 7.5'' x 5.0''
    • Total Size: 9.9'' x 6.0'' x 0.4''

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