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Erasable Desktop Illuminated LED Writing Board w/ Remote Control and 8 Fluorescent Markers

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  • Erasable and Re-writable Sign Board that Lights up YourMessages
    • LED Board with Bright Programmable Colored Lights
    • Flashing Modes For Multi-Color Combinations
    • Designed for Hanging or Standing to Fit Any Display Need
    • Includes Control Box and Remote to Set Flashing Modes forMulti-Color Combinations
    • Comes with Control Box and Remote Control
    • Colored Pens Included:white/orange/purple/pink/green/blue/yellow/red
    • Easily Erases by Wiping with Damp or Dry Clean Cloth
    • Dimensions of Board: 16''x12'' inches
    • Weight of Board: 21 oz.
    • Power Adapter (220V/12V, 1A)

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