Portable Wallet Card Pocket LED Credit Card Night Light Lamp Cute mini card lamps Wedding/Holiday Gift Mini Night Light

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LED Novelty Light LED Credit Card Light Portable Light LED Portable Pocket Card Light Wallet Light Credit Card Mini Night Light Led Light


100% Brand New

Light color: Warm White/White

Body Colors: White/Red/Orange/Green/ Blue/Yellow/Black,ect

                (Send Mixed colors in stock,  if you need specailized the colors, please do remark it in the order or send us the mail and tell us.)

Package Size: 8.5cm * 5.5cm * 0.3cm

Bulb: 1 * LED (Button Cell include)

Material:ABS plastic + PS plastic + electronic components

Battery life: about half a year(normal condition)

Package Content: Led Card Light


Ultra thin, ultra light, portable, lighting features.

This is a can into a wallet like a credit card light ~ sounds so strange?

But you didn`t hear wrong card light (Pocket Light) is an amazing idea, and regular credit card thin, folded light bulbs can also put them in the wallet, you only need a small battery, can bring you the light at the crucial moment.

Because it is a concept design, designer easily is equipped with enough light to it and the battery is strong enough, it all is inclusive in the thickness of a credit card, this design concept was very ~ hehe

This card can engrave a bulb shape up in the middle fold, and then LED will glow at the bottom, so a small desk lamp can stand on the table.

This night light and bank card size, ultra thin, ultra light, easy to carry.

Just like a bank card wallet, night lights are more easily accessible.



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