Bd Iron Blue Wht

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Blast out wrinkles and keep fabrics fresh with the BLACK + DECKER SteamAdvantage Traditional Steam Iron. Steam surge and spray mist functions put you in control of moisture levels so you can have the best performance for all fabric types. For added convenience anti-drip technology prevents excess water spots and a motion-sensitive auto shutoff cools down the iron when not in use. Smart Steam Technology Get the perfect setting every time. Select how much steam you'll need for each job whether its flat on the ironing board or vertical on a hanger. INOX Stainless Steel Soleplate The heavy-duty nonstick soleplate glides easily over all fabric types and holds up for long-lasting durability. Vertical Steam Surge Blast away tough wrinkles with the steam surge which also works vertically for steaming curtains and clothes on the hanger. Spray Mist The push-button mister applies the right amount of moisture for quick ironing. Anti-Drip Water is heated to the proper temperature to create steam and eliminate dripping. Large Water Tank The easy-fill door lets you quickly add water to the expanded capacity tank. Auto Clean" System The easy way to keep the iron running at peak performance. 360 Pivoting Cord Easy ironing at any angle the smooth-moving pivot cord never gets in your way. 3-Way Auto Shutoff Get peace of mind from motion-sensitive technology that shuts off the iron if it's not being used. Comfort Grip" Handle Design Operation is comfortable thanks to the ergonomic lightweight design. Slip-Resistant Heel Gripping pads on the heel of the iron keep it in place in between uses.

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