12° High Speed TS Kit for FL 12 & 20

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Once the ice fishing season is over, it's time to shift to the open water. Vexilar offers several open water conversion kits to meet your needs. Depending on where and how you want to mount your unit, there are three types of transducers to choose from High Speed, Puck Style, or AlumaDucer.

Transom Mount Kits

Choose the High Speed transom mount transducer for aluminum or wood hull boats. This transducer style will maintain readings while the boat is up on plane. It mounts on the lower transom of the boat.

Puck Transducer Kits

Choose the Puck Style if you plan on mounting to an electric trolling motor or for in-hull mounting applications for fiberglass boats.

AlumaDucer Kits

The AlumaDucer kit allows in-hull mounting with an aluminum hull. With this method, you can get high speed readings without the worry of damaging a transducer mounted on the outside of the boat. Learn more about the AlumaDucer here.


- Includes transducer, flasher gimbal bracket, and power cable.
- Contains all the hardware you need to achieve a professional mounting job.
- Your choice of transducer style and beam angle.
- Complete instructions are also included.


- Quality Barium Titanate crystal
- Earth-grounded cable construction
- 25 feet of cable

manufacturer no: TK-284
bar code: 052762065575

manufacturer : Vexilar Inc.
shipping dimensions:
weight: 1.95
dimensional weight: 5.75 (w) x3 (h) x7.125 (d)

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