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iPhone 7 Aqua Guard Active WaterProof Case

Regular price $15.18

The newest iPhone is looking forward to a newest case for protection against water.  This Aqua Guard Active  Waterproof case for iPhone 7 or 7Plus is made to protect and function as a phone should.  Its seal tight case keeps water , dust , and dirt out and all the fun in using the phone in.  The case has clear screen that is touch sensitive and can take your commands for Text messaging.  The fingerprint function is fully accessible in the water proof case. The phone is made waterproof and can allow you to use your phone functions to talk via Bluetooth connectivity.   You have access to adjust volume and power off. Compatible with iPhone 7 , 7 plus . Waterproofing is IP 7 up to 10 ft under water. Shock resistance. Made from TPU and Polycarbonate materials strong and easy to maintain. The case is only 4/8 inch thick just little bit more than your phone.

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