Duet Executive Speakerphone MT202

Regular price $210.25

- USB power for PC and Laptop (LED will illuminate)- External power supply included for phone only configurations (when Duet is not plugged into the PC)- 100% Full duplex performance – no attenuation (either way) during full duplex- Acoustic echo cancellation >40 dB- High-end performance: conforms to ITU-T G.167 standard- Line echo cancellation- Noise cancellation >10dB- Residual echo is suppressed to the environment noise level to prevent artificial ducking of signal- Voice level equalization- Convergence speed 40 dB/sec- Tail length (200ms)- Convergence during full duplex (no recovery time after full duplex)- Low delay (10 msec)- Bandwidth 20Hz – 16kHz for speech processing maintains the soundcard bandwidth- Integrated loudspeaker- Omnidirectional microphone pickup pattern 360°. Equal output or sensitivity at all angles- Integrated loudspeaker- Mute button and loudspeaker volume control buttons (LED will blink in mute mode)- Four position gain setting for optimum adjustment of signal level into the telephone- Speech processing and echo suppression at 32KHz sampling rate- HD speaker audio (16KHz bandwidth)- Maintains audio performance of the PC for HiFi audio applications when external speakers are connected- Plugging in a headset will automatically turn off the speakerphone- USB connector – PC or Laptop connectivity and power- 2.5mm connector- 3.5mm connector- Cable with 2.5mm and 3.5mm connections

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