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Power Station 5 with Quick Charge

Regular price $87.55

- One Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 port delivering up to 75% faster charging plus four 2.4 Amp USB ports for simultaneously charging up to 5 USB powered devices- Exclusive Signal Power Guard Intelligent USB Ports auto deliver correct power + each USB port has independent overload and overheat protection to ensure safe operation- Versatile charging bays fit phones, tablets, and many other mobile devices with or without most cases (even fits most durable cases) perfect centralized charging for the whole family or office- Built-in Cable Management - no more wild cables hanging every which way - and soft touch rubberized surface protects devices from scratches (cables not included)- Built-in Power Supply eliminates the unsightly “power brick” - one cable plugs into the wall for 60W total power, Universal 100-240V power supply

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