Star Wars Lightsaber Metal Sword Laser Flashing

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  • Features: Flashing
  • Model Number: NPL5001
  • Age Range: > 14 years old
  • Material: Metal
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Item Type: metal lightsaber
1 x handle
1 x sword body
1 x USB charging line
1 x decorative winding belt
1 x Six angle wrench in 7 font
2 x spare screwdrivers 

Material: Metal(handle), pc(blade)
SIZE: Handle 27cm. blade 73cm,total length 100cm 
Handle color:  Silver, gray, black, gold, red, blue.
Lamp color: Violet, red, pink, green, golden, white, blue, and blue.


Light: Super bright LED lamp 
Charging: USB fast charging


1  .The handle and blade can be moved,Pictures of dismantling products contact customer service personnel  

2.The tube is very strong and can be used for struggle. 

3.How to play :

Switch machine: short press start (vibration 1 loosening), long press 4 seconds to shut down (vibration 4 times).
Switching light mode: after boot, short press switch light effect (vibration 1 loosening), then cycle.
Light effect mode and switching of sword: after opening, the length is loosened in 2 seconds (2 vibration), opening or closing the sword pattern; after the spelling is opened, the light touch is loosened (1 times of vibration), and the light effect of the sword is switched.
Volume high school low switch: after boot, press 3 seconds to loosen (vibrate 3 times), switch the voice loud, medium and small in turn.
High brightness low light switching: full brightness mode, high and low light efficiency brightness switching.
3 sets of sound effects switching: in the shutdown state, the long press 2 seconds to release (vibration 2 times), in turn to switch sound effects.
Mute function: in shutdown state, press 3 seconds (3 times), turn on or close mute.


3 sets of sound effects: each set has the sound effect of the switch machine, the standby (background) sound effect, the swords effect, the sound effect, the sound effect, the switching sound effect, the low power sound effect and the charge effect...
Light effect: flame mode, full bright mode, high and low brightness regulation, breathing mode, heartbeat mode, flickering mode, explosive flashing mode spelling sword;
Volume regulation and mute mode: volume high school low regulation, mute function;
Memory function: light effect memory, sound effect memory;
Vibration special effect: switch machine vibration, switch vibration.


This product is a LED luminous toy. Long time direct vision may affect your eyesight.
The left and right screws of the handle of the hilt are fixed, and can be rotated.
The screws on the handle are used for fixing internal fittings. No dismantling is allowed.  

The winding belt needs to be operated by yourself



3 sets of sound effects, the sound effect of the switch, the sound effect of the standby, the sound effect of the soundtrack, the sound effect of switching the light effect mode, the swords effect, the switching sound effect of the sword light effect, the sound effect of the sound-effect, the sound effect of the mute, the sound effect of the low quantity of electricity, the sound effect of the charge.

Followed by flame, all bright (Qiang Guang), all bright (Zhong Guang), all bright (Di Guang), breathing, heartbeat, flicker. Short click, switch one, 7 modes in turn.

Switch machine vibration, waving vibration, beating vibration, switching vibration.

Optical mode memory; choose a certain light mode, shutdown after restart, still default the last shutdown mode before the light.

All bright patterns hit the flash.

Sound + scintillation prompt, 30 seconds automatically shut down.
After the boot, the standby sound (or the background sound) starts, wave or knock sound real-time start, the sword (or sword blade) light effect for flame mode, light touch (vibration 1 loosening), can switch to standard mode, in turn can switch to other modes.

This product is a LED luminous toy. Long time direct vision may affect your eyesight.
The left and right screws of the handle of the hilt are fixed, and can be rotated.
The screws on the handle are used for fixing internal fittings. No dismantling is allowed.

1, the duration of each play should not exceed the recommended time. 7-12 years old, within 10 minutes; 13-17 years old, 15 minutes; 18 years old or above, 20 minutes.
2, this product is lightsaber props toys electronic products, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, not waterproof, not contact with water!
3, lightsaber shortage of electricity needs to be filled with electricity in time. For a long time collection, it is suggested that 1-3 months be recharged.

The DC end of the charging line is connected with the light sword charging hole, and the USB end is connected with the charging seat of the output parameter 5V1A of the equipment (adapter, PC, cell phone charger and so on) with a USB port. When charging, the button aperture "breathe" starts to recharge, and the battery is filled with light. The charging time is usually 2-3 hours. The charging seats are different and charging time is different. This is a monochromatic light and light sword. The main blade can be detachable, and the other is not dismantled.

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