My Bike Buddy - All Weather Smartphone Case with Bicycle Mount

Regular price $24.87

Turn your hobby of biking into your passion and sign up for a good ride with My Bike Buddy by SmarTech. My Bike Buddy is truly unique in so many ways you have great music playing for company and you almost get lost in the scenic beauty while biking in the woods. Fortunately My Bike Buddy will never let you get lost because you get help to keep your phone on your bike while navigating by GPS for a safe ride back home. It's your true friend indeed. Easy to Mount and remove in seconds. You can remove just the top case to carry with you and keep your mounting attachment on the bike.   All weather and waterproof case can go with you any time.   Will fit iPhone4 /4s, iPhone 5 /5C /5S, Samsung Galaxy 3, 4 and other phones in that size.  Clear screen to use with all the touch features of your phone. Water and weather proof with shock resistant padding. Zippered locks so easily take the phone out. Case can be removed from the bike mount to carry with you. Colors Black.

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