Texas Hold'Em Pre-Flop Odds Calculator w/Deck of Cards

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May the odds be ever in your favor with this Texas Hold'Em Pre-Flop Odds Calculator. Featuring a hand ranking out of 169 possible combinations, this calculator can help assess pot odds and the starting hand strength to generate the odds of winning pre-flop percentage.

A deck of standard playing cards is also included with each calculator, so you can start winning more hands as soon as the item arrives!

In just a few easy steps, you will be well on your way to winning more hands. First, enter two playing cards. Second, press suited or not suited. Third, press the player button. Fourth, enter the number of players.

The estimated pre-flop percentage odds of winning is based on the number of players at the table. This calculator is fun and easy to use. It makes a great gift idea for the avid poker player in your life and is a must-have accessory.

The calculator measures 63.2mm x 88.2mm x 7.8mm. It features a 60-second auto-power shut off and runs on a CR2016 lithium 3V battery.

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