Hemp Oil for Pain Relief Help Sleep Aid Anti Stress 1000/5000mg Hemp Extract Drops ECO Finest Facial Body Skin Care

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Cannabis oil or hemp seed oil is obtained by pressing cannabis seeds. Cold pressed, unrefined cannabis oil is black to remove light green and nutty. It contains 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids and only 9-11% less desirable saturated fatty acids. Hemp seed oil is considered to be the most unsaturated oil from the plant kingdom. The oil has a high nutritional value because of its omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids, which meet the balance required by the human body. The daily consumption of linoleic acid (-6) and -linolenic acid (-3) acid in cannabis seed oil can easily meet the daily needs of humans for EFA. Unlike linseed oil, hemp oil can be used continuously without the absence or other imbalance of EFA. Due to its rich nutrients, hemp seed oil is often used in anti-aging, anti-acne, make-up, cleansing, shaving and hair care products.
Perfect: relieve stress and anxiety, reduce inflammation, support joint pain, healthy skin and coat, calm and relieve pain, and more!
Organic HEMP - Our rich oil is 100% natural organic sesame oil. Our oils are non-GMO, vegan friendly and free of THC. Our oil is safe and can be absorbed by the body to ensure the best results.
Hemp oil is a super food that is ideal for providing the vitamins and nutrients we need. Our oils contain high quality protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B, iron, zinc and magnesium antioxidants. These nutrients benefit the body and mind in a variety of ways!
No pesticides and/or herbicides. We control the entire process to ensure that our customers receive only the highest quality products. We believe in our products; our mission has always been to provide the best hep oil that nature has to offer.


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